Working Offline

Performing activities in poor/zero network conditions.

Getting Started

To get started, open the ActivityExchange (Mobile Edition) app where you have access to your network.

  • Be connected to your network
  • Sign in as per normal
  • Select your Team and load the User Dashboard

Preparing to go offline

Once you are looking at your dashboard it is time to prepare to go offline. Select the menu icon on the top right of your screen.

A menu screen will appear providing some options.

  1. (Optional) Select ‘Clear local cache’. This will clear any history on your device.
  2. Select ‘Download all activities to device’. This process will download and cache all assigned activities to your device. This will enable you to access them when offline. Your screen will have a pop up bar progress bar, informing you of it’s progress.
  3. To work offline, select Menu bar:
  4. – “Offline settings”

    – “Work offline” and select “OK”

  5. Refresh your dashboard, click Menu bar and select “Refresh”. An ‘offline’ indicator should now be visible to show that you are in offline mode. Activities should still be available (and new ones can be raised).
  6. Note: It is important that you don’t log out before heading to your offline location. This will clear your security token and require you to re-authenticate.

Working offline

Completed activities are stored on your device until you are back online.
They will appear when browsing with an icon indicating that there is something to be uploaded for this activity.

Getting back online

When you have connectivity restored, refresh your dashboard and click the “Queued for Upload” button to upload your changes to your Team Leader(s).