Accessing AE remotely.

Access to Parallel

An AE representative will be in contact to guide you through the process of gaining access to Parallels hosted desktop. Once you have access click “Sign In/Up”.

Configure account

As this is your first time accessing the AE platform, you will need to configure your account.

Select “Sign up now” and follow the prompts to create your account.

Project selection

After you have completed the account set-up process and you are logged into AE, you can select your project.

If you don’t have access to a project you will request access to projects/teams through the ‘Project Selection’. Right click on the menu icon on the right and select “Request Access”.

Your administrator will provide you with a unique 8-digit team code or 10-digit project code that you will need to request access.

When the administrator has granted you access and you have logged back into AE you will see your available Project/Team workspaces in the dropdown in the top-left corner of the application.