Export to DAD SIM

Exporting attribute data from AE to DAD.

Configuring an Attribute for Export

If you wish to export attribute data from AE to DAD (i.e. you have used activities (via mobile devices) to go out and in to the field and collect information regarding your asset items) then you will need to point each AE attribute at its respective DAD attribute that you wish to populate.

In your “Configure Project” window, navigate to the “Types of Activities” tab and use the menu to open the “Attributes List”.

Select an attribute that you wish to export to DAD and use the menu to “Edit” the attribute.

Note: this option will only become available when the Export feature has been enabled.

Click the + button and select the target DAD SIM attribute (the attribute you wish to be populated) and click Ok.

Preparing for Data Export

To perform a data export you will need to open an AE spreadsheet with the activities you wish to action. You will also need to include the attribute columns in your spreadsheet before proceeding.

Export Results

In the Actions panel, select “Export attribute data”. If you don’t see this option it is because you haven’t selected a valid attribute in the spreadsheet (see above).

The AE export window BEFORE the export has been run is below.

The AE export window AFTER the export has been run is below.

You can see the green icon to indicate that attribute data has been copied across succesfully.

You will also see a message informing that this activity has found its linked component in the digital model and what it has updated the attribute value to.