Export to DAD SIM

Export data/PDFs from your activities in to a DAD SIM

Enabling the Export Feature

To get started (if you haven’t done so already) you will need to enable the “DAD Export” feature via the “Configure Project” window. Ensure that you are logged in as a Project Controller (PC) and click the cog icon to open the “Configure Project” window.

Navigate to the “Additional Options” tab and enable the Export feature.

Export Functions

The ‘Export to DAD SIM’ provides four independent and optional functions.

To get an understanding of what is involved with each of these function select “Read more” below where each option is explained in more detail.

New Components

Creating new DAD components for adhoc activities which are not linked to a DAD object.

Attribute Data

Populating data on a DAD object from data which has been entered on the activity.

Reference files

Photos/files that are attached to activities can be exported to their linked DAD object as reference file(s).

Activity PDF

Generating and appending an activity PDF to the DAD object as part of its ‘Work History’.

Performing the Export

Once this is done, open the export window using the command below from the spreadsheet menu: