Identifying if the activity type created will be assigned to an Execution Team and Sign-Off Team.


The Teams tab provides the PC with the option to assign generated activities to Teams for execution. If you choose not to complete at this point, you can manually assign them after the activities have been generated.

Teams are created with consultation with AE Support Staff at the commencement of your project. At any point during your project life AE Support staff can create additional teams or permanently remove existing teams.

Execution Team

If you elect to choose an Execution Team the generated activities will be assigned to your nominated Team for completion.

Sign-Off Team

By default, activities are completed and checked by the Execution Team and then finally colsed off the by the Project Controller. If the activity type you are creating requires an additional level of checking, then you nominate your team here.


Select the ‘+’ button on either Execution Team or Sign-Off Teams.

Select your Team and press ‘OK’

After team selection is completed, select ‘Next’ and you will be ready to complete the process.