Create attributes that you wish to be populated for your activities.


This section allows users to define what attributes they would like users to enter data in to for activities generated for this Activity Type.

In the “Attributes List & Activity Design” subsection select the pencil icon.

Available attributes

On the ‘Available Attributes’ subsection left click on the ‘Menu’ icon and select ‘Add”.

Create attributes

The “Create Attributes” window will be displayed. This is where we start creating our “Attributes”.

There are four fields that will require data input:

  1. Condensed Description – this is the text that will appear on the mobile interface. As there is limited space on Mobile’s we recommened clients to shorten the field.
  2. Long Descritption (optional) – this what will appear on the desktop if additional description is required.
  3. Required box – if this data must be captured, tick this box.
  4. Type – this will determine what type of data are we capturing:
    • String – text data
    • Numeric – numbers data
    • Boolean – 2 different options (eg: Yes or No)
    • Picklist – order of sample
    • PassFailNA –
    • Time – Date stamped
    • Geo Coords – Physical Location of activity

To add attributes select the ‘+’ button on the bottom left and to remove attributes select ‘-‘ also located on the bottom left.

Complete attributes process

Once you have created all the attributes that you require, select “OK”. This will return you to your “Attribute List” window and your newly created attributes will be displayed. Attributes list can be uploaded into AE from an excel approved format file.

We can now start designing our activity template.