Create your attributes; design activity template and confirm recurring frequency.


The “Properties” tab is where the activity type layout is designed and the attributes is defined.

The 3 sections that need to be completed are:

  1. Properties
  2. Attributes List & Activity Design
  3. Recurring Options – only applicable to Recurring Maintenance activity type.


Give your activity type a title in the ‘Name’ section and provide a ‘Verb’ which is a prefix for your activity.

Attributes List & Activity Design

For simpilicity purposes there are 2:

Define what attributes that you would like users to enter data in to for activities generated for your Activity Type.
Design Activity
Define what attributes is being captured; Design the layout of your activity; If appicable confirm the frequency of recurring activity.

Recurring Options

If you have activity type is ‘Recurring Maintenance’ you need to confirm the frequency of recurring activity. Options available are:

  1. Daily
  2. Weekly
  3. Fortnightly
  4. Monthly
  5. Quarterly
  6. Bi-Annually
  7. Annually

Select your option and press ‘Next’, which will takes you to SIM Options.