Creating and designing activities

Create, design and manage the attributes that you wish to be populated for your activities.


Before creating the activity type, you need to have a good understanding of your:

  • Business process
  • What instructions are you communicating to your team
  • What data are you attempting to capture from the field
  • Purpose/objective of the activity

For simplicity purposes and ease in understanding the creation and designing of an activity type the process is broken up into the following steps:

1. Workflow

Identify and confirm the activity type you need to create.

2. Properties

Define what attributes is being captured; Design the layout of your activity; If applicable confirm the frequency of recurring activity.

3. SIM Database

Link the activity to an object in your linked SIM database.

4. Teams

Identifying if the activity type created will be assigned to an Execution Team and Sign-Off Team.

5. Finish

Automatic generation of activities from Activity Template.