Activity Alerts

Identify and respond to SIM changes


AE continuously checks the digital model and highlights any design changes that affect the AE project. This gives the Project Controller the opportunity to determine the impact of various design changes on this project and for relevant activities to be updated accordingly.

Note: It is important to check and clear alerts so that you can respond to design changes in a responsible and timely fashion.

Cloud Maintenance

AE utilises the power of the Azure cloud to continuously and automatically reconcile the AE project against the digital model and alert the PC to various design changes that might impact activities.

If your design team is making changes in the DAD SIM you can see the impacted AE activities by logging in to Project Control and viewing the Cloud Maintenance tab.

Activity Details

Edits to the SIM object that an activity is linked to will raise an alert. By viewing the “Alerts” tab in the Activity Details window you will able to see a list of all changes to the SIM object since the activity was initially created or since the last alert has been cleared.

When a SIM object has been removed from the blue Work folder in DAD (that is pointed to by an AE Activity Type) linked activities to that SIM object will have an alert raised indicating removal from its scope.

When a SIM object has been deleted from the digital model activities that were linked to that object wil have an alert indicating that it has been orphaned.

Showing Only Activities With Alerts

By clicking the below button on the main toolbar the user is able to narrow the interface down to only show activities which have an active alert.

Select the following setting and click Apply to update the AE user interface.

The button will be updated to indicate the new setting.

Acknowledging Design Changes/Clearing Alerts

The Project Controller is able to acknowledge design changes and clear any alerts for an activity. This can be done individually for an activity by opening the Activity Details and navigating to the Alerts tab.

To clear alerts on many activities at once, open a spreadsheet, select the activities and use the right-click context menu.

When you have cleared an alert a log entry will be visible in the Change Log.