Privacy Policy

We respect your right to privacy

As an organisation we respect your privacy and loathe the practice so prevalent in todays world of harvesting user information and then exploiting it.

The ActivityExchange platform does not collect or store personal information such as:

  • Government identifiers (social security, medical, driver licenses).
  • Phone numbers, credit cards or any financial information.
  • Birth dates, mothers maidens names or your first pets names.
  • Search history and/or cookies.
  • Your contact list.

Information that we do keep is:

  • Login details (hosted by Microsoft Azure, we do not see/store your passwords).
  • Device manufacturer/model number/name. This is strictly used for troubleshooting.
  • User submitted activity data.

We do not share any of this information with partners, advertisers, affilliates of any kind. Accounts can be deleted by request or by use of the “Remove My Account” function in the mobile app.

Last updated: 17th October 2022