Project Delivery

Activities can be used across all phases of delivering a digital asset. Use the platform to assist in engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning to enable better visibility, improved capture of data and accountability for tasks performed.

Operations & Maintenance

Scheduled recurring routine maintenance activities coupled with spur of the moment adhoc activities assist in the operations and maintenance of an asset. Capture and record a full history of work performed on each digital asset item.

Site Audits

Use the platform to survey and collect information whilst in the field and send back to home base for processing. ActivityExchange bridges the gap and allows end users to indirectly enhance an existing digital model and/or do field surveys to build up new knowledge.

Our solution for your business

ActivityExchange is a cloud-based platform built on Microsoft Azure providing an integrated project delivery and maintenance solution for digital system models. The platform builds upon the power of the digital model to allow users to define, organise, track and exchange work to be done on any greenfields/brownfields project. Once completed, each distinct record of work can be appended in to the digital model for future reference and historical continuity.

The power of the digital model

The ActivityExchange digital model has revolutionised the way we design and deliver greenfields/brownfields projects. Our platform provides an incredibly powerful tool for evaluating workflow and different scenarios, allowing you to optimise transparency and avoid costly mistakes. Furthermore, by providing an integrated project delivery solution, ActivityExchange allows for better collaboration, more efficient project management, and easier maintenance throughout the life cycle of the asset.

Collaborate with your team
anytime, anywhere.

Manage risk